Friday, September 17, 2010

Make that special someone extra special by giving him or her personalised embroidered towels

It makes a lot of difference when you gift someone something personalised. It makes that person feel special that you actually took the trouble to have it personalised. So, why not make that someone special even more extra special by giving him or her set of personalised towels?

A set of towels consisting of 1 piece of bath towel, 1 piece of hand towel and 1 piece of face towel, in either white or beige is priced beginning from RM 100.00, depending on what you want embroidered (design motif and lettering). If you order 2 sets (say for a husband and wife) using the same motif, the price starts at RM 196.00.

If you want to have a different motif for the 2nd set, an additional RM10.00 will be charged.

An additional charge of RM10.00 per set will also be added if you want the towels to be in colours other than white or beige. 

If you wish to order just a single piece of bath towel, it starts at RM55.00 for all colours (of towels), depending on what you want embroidered.

Discounts will apply if you order more than one piece using the same motif. Just let me know the type of motif that you want embroidered. I have quite a selection. Below are just a few.

Price does not include postage. Postage amount will be adviced when you have put in your order. See side bar on HOW TO ORDER.



  1. i've been reading some of your posts... very creative!
    what's the length of the towel that you use?
    out of curiosity, why do you charge more for other colours?


  2. Hi Bakiah! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I sent you a message on FB re your questions. But, in case you drop by here again, here is my response.

    In answer to your question re the size of the towels I use, the bath towel is approx 27"x 54" As to why I charge more for coloured towels is bcoz most shops don't carry coloured towels in sets. White and beige are more easily available. I have to do more leg work to get coloured towels that comes in sets of all 3 - bath, hand and face. Thank you for your inquiries. Hope to be of service to you one day. :)

  3. Hi, thanks for your reply.
    I would like to order your embroidered towels for our wedding anniversary. But only bath towels i.e 1 for myself and 1 for my husband. We really love green, i wonder if you could do a nice motifs on green towels? so how long do you usually take? please get back to me.

  4. Hi Bakiah! Would the green be dark green or hijau daun pisang, or pastel green? I will try to get the closest green possible that is available in the market.

    What motif would you like on the towels, and what letterings would like embroidered?

  5. Hello again,

    My orders;
    1 Bath towel - green pucuk pisang (like your background green colour)
    1 Bath towel - pink (also like your background colour)- so now you know i really like you blog's design!

    Pls do your best to find the colours closest to them, but not to tax yourself la... i'm not too fussy, but Please avoid pastels ya..

    the motif would be like the one you gifted to your pengantin friend or any other that you find quite nice. Please bear in mind that I might put it up on my blog to advertise your business, so you might want to experiment on other motifs!

    the lettering: Happy Anniversary Izaham & Bakiah

    pls advise on the payment ya...i will bank in ASAP. but take your time with the embroidery coz our anniversary is still a distance away..


  6. Hi Bakiah! I will email you privately or send you a message via FB for further info and payment details.


  7. Hi Bakiah!

    I have sent you an email and posted a message at FB to you re the order for towels.