Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little Missy for the Little Miss?

Need an adorable bag for that special Little Miss in your life? Or, you just love bags that are adorably cute, simple, yet can still look elegant? Is your daughter’s birthday coming up soon, or is a friend’s daughter’s birthday coming soon, but you just can’t decide on what to buy for her?

Why not get a Little Missy? I can almost bet you that you will make her day and get her all excited and ecstatic. It did my niece! LOL! Just look at the expression on her face when I gave her the Little Missy for her birthday!

The Little Missy is approximately 9” (L) x 8” (H) x 3” (W) with a 36” adjustable strap. The strap is layered to match both the front and back panel of the bag and the bag body.

It has a pocket on either side of the bag just perfect to put in your handphones for easy reach rather than having you rumble and fumble through the inside of bag in search of the elusive phone when it rings! LOL!

The front and back panel of the bag is designed to be different from the body of the bag, but both can be made to be the same as the body of the bag to make the bag look more elegant should you decide to buy one for yourself to bring to work.

Or, why not buy a matching mother-daughter Little Missy? It will definitely make heads turn and make you look forever young! It’s just perfect for the young at heart!

For more photos of the Little Missy in other colours, visit my blog at Za's Blog.

Read the side panel on HOW TO ORDER. The bag is priced starting from RM180.00, depending on the type of fabrics used.